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Being a gun enthusiast is not just about owning guns, it’s about incorporating a piece of your world view in your collection. When you put some new meanings into your hobby, when you don’t just perceive it on skin deep level, it makes your experience precious and unique. We’ve collected some ideas on how you can enhance your experience by adding some rifle accessories.

1. Quick-adjust Rifle Sling

Rifle Sling

Image Source: Vimeocnd

You can easily change it from loosely carry to a solid shooting position, or stick to the most comfortable for you.

The reason for having a sling is obvious: it will make your life easier. You should grasp the whole scale of experiences you have with your firearm before purchasing a sling to pick up the most appropriate. However, if you scope out the quick-adjust sling, it can work in different cases. For instance, you can easily change it from loosely carry to a solid shooting position, or stick to the most comfortable for you.

2. Rifle Rack

Podavach Rifle Rack

Image Source: Jonny Primer

First of all, the rack helps to store your rifle. Secondly, it looks awesome when your firearm is placed with all its elevating greatness on the rack instead of being hidden somewhere in the locker. The diversity of rifle racks is unscalable: rotary, horizontal, vertical and even customized, so you have a chance to find the perfect one for you. For one special rifle, you can go with a stylish wooden Podavach rack, which is designed to hold a firearm along with magazines and loader.

3. Carry Case

carry case

Image Source: Wikimedia

Rifle accessories are always about convenience. You should predict all possible situations of your shooting activity – where do you practice, what do you usually take with you. It will help you select the most appropriate design of a carry case. For instance, there are options with proper space for accessories. Some of the cases are waterproof, some are made for hunting. Apart from all the details, always pay attention to fabric. It must be reinforced to provide durability.

4. Red Dot Sight

red dot sight

Image Source: Wikimedia

If you work on your accuracy and practice target shooting, you might consider owning a sight. The classic choice in form of iron sights are always there, but if you look for something up-to-date, you should go with red sight optics. They’re known for fast acquisition and flexibility in usage because they can be appropriate for hunting, target shooting, military and police applications. Red dot sights can automatically adapt to the level of lights for better targeting. Also, there are options with solar panels to supplement battery power, which is perfect for long-lasting usage.

5. Magazine Loader

podavach loader

Image Source: Podavach

Saving time and thumbs while shooting can bring a much smoother experience.

When you practice shooting at speed or you’re just a frequent guest at the gun ranges, a magazine loader can be your number one pal. Saving time and thumbs while shooting can bring a much smoother experience.

The Podavach speed loader was designed exclusively for assault rifles like the AK and AR-15 and is adapted to different weather conditions. Besides, it’s not heavy and can be easily taken to the shooting range in your carry case.

So, why are rifle accessories more important than it might look seem? Shooting is about the total experience. Enriching it with some additional opportunities is what we call for.


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  1. I’d also recommend having some practical accessories like lube and cleaning kits. When you spend a lot of time shooting, everything might happen, so it’s better to be prepared not just for that enriching experience, but for some extraordinary situations.

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